Load Balanced

Tezos Indexer and RPC API
API Technical Documentation


Network: mainnet
Indexer: indexer-mainnet.ateza.io
RPC: rpc-mainnet.ateza.io

Testnet One

Network: granadanet
Indexer: indexer-testnet-one.ateza.io
RPC: rpc-testnet-one.ateza.io

Testnet Two

Network: florencenet
Indexer: indexer-testnet-two.ateza.io
RPC: rpc-testnet-two.ateza.io
Current API Status


The ATEZA API consists of two load balancers in series: 1) global load balancer and 2) regional load balancer. The global load balancer redirects client requests to the nearest regional load balancer which, in addition to load-balancing, processes client requests such as caching, rate-limiting, authentication, and health checks for the indexers and Tezos nodes.

Regional load balancers primarily forward requests to the Tezos node and/or indexer with the lowest latency. Regional load balancers will, however, automatically load balance requests to the other Tezos nodes and Conseil indexers in the setting of high demand or if the nearest Tezos node and/or indexer is unavailable.

Please see the API Technical Documentation for further details.