The liberating power of private property in creating a free society is dependent upon the ability to exercise custody.

The founder of ateza is a double boarded physician and an engineer. Prior to medical school, he obtained three engineering degrees and also a technical college degree in network administration. Through these experiences he has culminated over twenty years of experience in information technology, invented biomedical devices, published several scientific papers, book chapters, and textbooks. He’s been involved with Tezos since the fundraiser and is highly active in the Tezos community on multiple levels.


The mission of ateza is to facilitate positive political, social, and economic influence on a global level. To realize this goal, we operate a professional Tezos Baking Delegation Service with high up-time (> 99%), serve as your delegate by voting on changes to the Tezos protocol, and strengthen the Tezos network by operating a global RPC API.


Our values stem from the concept of liberty and the role it plays at the micro-level in framing the life of an individual and at the macro-level for society in limiting the power of government such that government serves society and not the other way around.

Ateza firmly supports the natural rights of “life, liberty, and property” as outlined by English physician and philosopher, Dr. John Locke, whereby property is necessary for liberty, and liberty is necessary for life. One of the core benefits of distributed ledger technology is the ability to have “direct holding” of digital private property, thus allowing self-custody of digital assets (sovereign or non-sovereign currencies, equities, bonds, real estate, etc.). The ability to directly hold and maintain self-custody of assets is an important characteristic that affords the benefit of liberty. For it is not property unto itself that delivers freedom, but the nature by which it is held.

  • Ateza believes in the right to have self-custody of assets regardless of medium: analog (i.e., stone, paper, plastic) or digital.
  • Ateza believes that “life, liberty, and property” is equally important for both the analog and the digital world.
  • Ateza believes that self-custody is an important characteristic of property which enables freedom.
  • Ateza believes that digital assets should be natively digital.
  • Ateza believes that truth should be empirically verifiable and independent of a third-party. Hence, the true value of money and all other assets should be empirically verifiable and independent of a bank or government.
Direct HoldingIndirect Holding
Stone, Paper, and Plastic
Analog Assets
Metal Coins, Paper Currency, Paper Stock/Bond/REIT Certificates, Plastic Identification, Paper Voting, etc.
Paper Ledger
Record keeping of asset by third party
Medici Bank, Rothschild family, etc.
Distributed Ledger Technology "Blockchain"
Digital Assets
Digital Currency, Digital Stocks/Bonds/REITs, Digital Identification, Digital Voting, etc.
Digital Ledger "Database"
Record keeping of asset by third party
PayPal, Chase Bank, Fidelity, Lehman Brothers, etc.
Direct holding implies self-custody. Digitals assets are not an abstraction representing an underlying analog asset. They are natively digital, programmable, and are the asset itself.