curl --output snapshot.full.xz Done xz --decompress snapshot.full.xz Done tezos-node snapshot import snapshot.full --block BLQL5q3ZcaJxF4dXzVwN4DriEbJszfxCSwLkwejCkZsga14yNy5 Done

Be your own Baker

Snapshots are a method to easily download the Tezos chain to your computer so you can quickly run a node. The alternative is to sync the Tezos node from scratch which can take several weeks to complete. There are two kinds of snapshots: Full and Rolling. In general, it is recommended to download a Full snapshot unless your specific requirements dictate otherwise (e.g., disk space constraints).

Download a snapshot

Location Status Timestamp Block Level Block Hash Download URL
Iowa, United States
Frankfurt, Germany
São Paulo, Brazil

Snapshots are updated on a daily basis staggered by location. Thus, each location will have a different timestamp or level. Snapshots are compressed in the xz file format and will need to be decompressed prior to importing. XZ compression utilities are readily available both for Windows, macOS, and most Linux distributions.

Basic instructions

1) Download
$ curl <URL> --output snapshot.full.xz
2) Decompress
$ xz --decompress snapshot.full.xz
3) Import
$ tezos-node snapshot import snapshot.full --block <BLOCK_HASH>
More information on importing a snapshot can be found here.