Florence Vote I

ATEZA voted YAH Election: Florence Period: Testing Vote Operation: onzDoxn2ti4mPPdjn92VYK7KGPnqG2YMuoLuGqr4dodiV1dHhq3

Edo Vote II

ATEZA voted YAH Election: Edo Period: Promotion Vote Operation: ooTLkSCY7vCvd5Kv5oagP1nSfKmeeRrhmRh64FjtrQTF588KYvG

Edo Vote I

ATEZA voted YAH Election: Edo Period: Exploration Vote Operation: opNe8MSGt4NSDW34gagj66m6vzG2wVxDyREzK1pE4C7UP966kBn

Delphi Vote II

ATEZA voted YAH Election: Delphi Period: Promotion Operation: oovJSMU4DFxrv6ioZDgoa7MB57x8KjESvQRzgAhsgipmaNUEnvT

Delphi Vote I

ATEZA voted YAH Election: Delphi Period: Exploration Vote Operation: oonmsratHddhgtRSKLyngaZGMZyw92z57XyVZuDqs6GLDudWSfj

8.85% Fee

Starting Cycle 260 our fee is 8.85%. Details can be found .


The below addresses will be omitted from receiving rewards as we are over-delegated. We advise the following addresses to change their delegation to a different Baker: KT1Jwu92GhJ5Cea5cMCcSCGF7PRcPKbfbrf4 (consider delegating a smaller amount)

Staking Capacity Full

We are currently at max capacity. Addresses that cause Ateza to become overdelegated will not earn any rewards. All previous delegations will be honored and will continue to receive their rewards. However, there is a risk that payouts might be partially diluted if Ateza is overdelegated. Please see our Terms of Service for more details.

0% Fee

There seems to be some confusion about our 0% fee. Delegation details including our fee can be found . It can also be found on our questions page and on our main page. ATEZA understands there is always some risk in delegating to a new Baker. Not to mention the additional time and effort required […]

Vote Carthage 2.0

ATEZA voted YAH Election: Carthage 2.0 Period: Promotion Vote Operation: opSRuVjxHLWw6VyKgfdVCrZ6g95msp9kMaHjSeAdTBNYDFhXKVX